Exceptional Exterior Lighting

Universal LED provides exterior lighting for locations and businesses requiring increased brightness, safety, and visibility. Aside from the obvious benefits of improved lighting, our flashy exterior lighting options do a great job of attracting attention to any business.

Improved Brightness and Visibility

Our exterior 12 volt rope lighting uses very bright diodes that provides years of continued performance. Etch your business windows, doors or entranceway and show them that you are open and ready for business. What's more our exterior lighting adds greater visibility at nighttime and increases safety for any under-lit location.

Exterior Lighting Solutions

Highly Customizable Lighting Options

Exterior lighting provides fun and decorative flair for any establishment, and with Universal LED's expert experience, we are able to create the perfect display for your business. We'll work with you to build a lighting solution that fits your branding and draws customers in.

Our lighting options are energy-efficient and easy to maintain - save on expenses while improving the aesthetic of your business.

Universal LED Exterior Lighting

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